Camp Rabideau

Take a step into the past at historic Camp Rabideau. The camp is located 6 miles south of Blackduck on County Rd. 39. Camp Rabideau is one of the remaining Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps being preserved out of the 2600 that were established in 1935. Camp Rabideau was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Camp Rabideau is located on a 112-acre tract purchased in 1934. The buildings are set about 100 feet apart, surrounded by tall trees forming a large glade in the center. The open area was once the location of the mess hall which burned down in the 1930's. Benjamin and Carls lakes are visible from the barracks. Today, 15 of the original 25 buildings remain and 4 are maintained to honor those who served as CCC corpsman.

Camp Rabideau's first enrollees,  company 3749 from Bennett Springs, Missouri, built and occupied the camp from August 1935 to January 4, 1936. After the crew was relocated to California, Minnesota Company 708 was moved from Bena to Camp Rabideau by truck in 45 degrees below zero weather! Ouch!

Company 708 remained at Rabideau until the end of the program in 1941. Work projects ranged from building the Blackduck Ranger station and two fire towers to planting trees, doing deer census and searching for lost persons during the berry picking and deer hunting seasons.

A one mile trail runs through the camp. An open air picnic shelter is also located at the camp. The shelter was built by the CCC and moved from the Cutfoot Sioux area to Camp Rabideau in 1986. Interpretive displays highlight the buildings and history of the area. Tours are conducted Sunday and Wednesdays, 10:00-5:00. Call 218-835-4291 for arrangements.